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Identi-Kit Identi-Kit Advanced Facial Composite Software Advanced Facial Composite Software
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Identi-Kit® Solutions Management Team

Paul Wright

Paul Wright Paul is the President of Identi-Kit® Solutions and Copia Partners, LLC. Previously, Paul was the President of Smith & Wesson’s Advanced Technology Division prior to its sale in 2004. Paul has more than two decades of experience managing technology businesses for Motorola. Paul earned a BA in economics from McGill University in Montreal and an MS in economics from Arizona State University.

John Corder

John Corder John is the Vice President of Sales and Support at Identi-Kit® Solutions. John led the direct sales function of Identi-Kit at Smith & Wesson Advanced Technologies and transitioned with Identi-Kits sale in June 2004. John’s role spans Product Development, User Training, Product Support and Sales. John brings to Identi-Kit experience from the technology industry, corporate training industry, and Support Services as well as his love for innovation and dedication to customer service.

Matt Glazier

Matt Glazier Matt is the Chief Technical Officer of Identi-Kit® Solutions. Matt has a very broad background in web based technologies and application development. Matt has developed software tools used on several of the largest retail e-commerce sites on the internet. Matt’s other assignments included developing software for International Gaming Technologies, Smith & Wesson Advanced Technologies and applications for Novell’s Global Network Operations. Matt has a BS degree in Information Systems and Computer Science from Brigham Young University in Hawaii.

Mission Statement

Identi-Kit® Solutions develops tools that enable public safety professionals to generate high quality facial composites and distribute these composite sketches instantly to anyone and anywhere it is needed.

About Identi-Kit® Solutions

In early 2004, Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. announced its intent to focus on their core business of manufacturing handguns and restraints. Copia Partners, LLC was formed by key individuals in the Identi-Kit product management team to acquire the business. Identi-Kit Solutions continues to be a Smith & Wesson licensee.

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The program is very user-friendly, and the detectives has no problems navigating through the system.
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