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Identi-Kit Identi-Kit Advanced Facial Composite Software Advanced Facial Composite Software
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Accurate. Intuitive. Fast.
Identi-Kit® is the powerful investigative tool that creates accurate photo realistic facial composite sketches based on verbal descriptions provided by a witness or victim. Make customized wanted posters, transmit the composite sketch via the web, email or fax, or export the composite sketch to other imaging programs. Identi-Kit® facial composite software is available on CD or the internet as a hosted application.
Latest release of the composite sketch tool used by thousands of law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Facial feature library updated automatically via internet downloads.

Simple and powerful editing tools quickly create accurate facial composites.

Can be configured for an installation on a single PC, notebook or network server.
World's first web-based composite sketch software application.

Access and create composite sketches from any computer connected to the internet.

Create, store, back-up and retrieve composite sketches from Identi-Kit's secure servers, or store on local machines.

Ideal for use in a criminal justice education environment.
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The program is reasonably priced and adds an edge to our students portfolio upon graduating from our program.
- CJ Chair,